About the Dev Content Team

While the the different projects of UNSW CSESoc Development are being run by many hardworking teams of student developers, Dev Content is working with them all hand in hand to showcase their efforts and products!

Working toward the goals of demystifying development for all CSE Students while putting the Dev Projects on display both inside and out, we're always releasing podcasts, articles, and videos that scratch that hard-to-reach technical itch in the UNSW CSE community, while still being entertaining and enjoyable!


hi! i'm rachel and i'm also a content director. content subcom is the reason i made an instagram account


I'm Omar and I'm Content Director this year alongside Rachel! When I'm not scratching my head over an overdue assignment, you'd catch me reading or watching something - or building a new overpriced model kit 😞. This year will be a big one for dev and for content, so enjoy what we put out!

Hi! I am Ming Xuan, a first year Computer Science student and a content subcommittee member. I genuinely enjoy literature and storytelling, some of my hobbies include reading, watching movies, and writing short stories. I am a big fan of Synthwave, some of my favourite artists include The Midnight and Timecop1983. As someone that appreciates well-written articles, I look forward to creating interesting content for csesoc and produce work I will be proud of.


Hello! I’m a first year Computer Science/Adv Maths student and part of the Content team. I’m excited to create insightful and fun content to showcase the technical aspects of CSESoc. In my free time, I enjoy watching films, online shopping and the occasional jigsaw puzzle.


Hallo!!! I’m Jimmy (or James), I’m Aussie-Taiwanese and I’m a first year doing Computer Science/Science!! I love travelling, playing violin 🎻 and KBBQ!!! I have a horrible sleep schedule 😱 and am super excited to create content for CSESoc alongside some amazing people!!!!!!!! 🤯🤯🤯


Hey, I'm Brendan, part of the content subcommitee for 2023, and am looking forward to putting out some interesting and entertaining CSE content this year! In my spare time, I enjoy long walks on the beach.


Hello my name is Alex and I’m a first year student studying compsci and psychology!!!! Hobbies include taking too many personality tests and eyeing friend activity on Spotify for too long...👁️Looking forward to making content for CSEsoc !! 😄


Hey, I'm Vicky, a 1st Year Postgrad Computer Science student. I like travelling, reading webtoons, and arts and crafts. Looking forward to producing some cool content this year!


Hiii I’m Jasmin, a first year Computer Science and Maths student. When I’m not programming, you can normally find me diving under waves at Coogee, on a hike, or at a concert! I’m super excited to be part of Content Subcom this year, and am hoping to get creative and help make stuff that’s interesting, educational and entertaining :)

HI! I’m Matt, a 1st year Compsci student. I love creating things and am super keen to cook up some bangers for content this year. Hopefully you’ll find the stuff I make to be interesting, useful, and maybe even entertaining 🙂.